Family makes plea for answers in Nelson County double murder

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - On Wednesday, the family of a murdered mother and daughter made a plea for answers in the case.

Kathy and Samantha Netherland were found dead in their Bardstown home in April. Their family is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to their killer. Police say they've had hundreds of tips, but they need more.

At a press conference at the Kentucky State Police post in Elizabethtown, Kathy's sister, Stacey Hibbard, talked about going to her sister's home when she heard the two had died. She says, at first, she thought it must have been an accident. She only found out about the crime once she was at the home.

"It took only seconds for me to learn there was no tragic accident and that my sister and niece had not died peacefully in their sleep. No, they had been murdered," says Hibbard.

In the days before they were killed, Hibbard says she had helped Kathy and Samantha make plans for Samantha's prom. She brought a picture of Samantha in the dress she had picked out. She says they buried the 16-year-old in that dress.

Hibbard is asking the public to take a second look at the vehicle police believe the person, or people, responsible for the deaths used to leave the scene. It's a black Chevy Impala that was captured on surveillance video driving toward Bardstown after the murders.

State police say they have already investigated hundreds of cars matching that description, including rental and some vehicles out of state.

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