Police: Fake belly used in Lexington theft

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police have charged a teenager for a bizarre shoplifting incident.

Investigators say Maria Garcia, 18, stole items from the Walmart on Nicholasville Road and concealed them in an unusual way.

Lexington Police say Garcia was pretending to be pregnant, wearing a fake belly through the Walmart on Nicholasville Road in Lexington.
Employees tell investigators Garcia was shoving stolen goods into the fake belly she was wearing and tried to leave the store.

Officers say two juveniles were her accomplices, and she was trying to make off with $154 in stolen goods. When she was confronted by police, Garcia gave them her 15-year old sister's name.

Garcia has bonded out of jail and officers believe the fake pregnancy belly is probably locked away in evidence.

Garcia is charged with shoplifting, theft of identity, possession of burglary tools, and unlawful transaction with a minor.

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