Police: Woman called 911 for ride to strip club

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police say a woman called 911 time after time last night demanding an officer give her a ride to a strip club in Richmond. They say it's one of the more extreme examples of inappropriate calls to 911.

"The 911 center received approximately six calls from the same person who had a very odd request," said Lexington Police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts.

Just how odd was it?

"This person repeatedly called the emergency line requesting that we give her a ride to a gentleman's club in Richmond," she said.

Police weren't about to do that.

"It's for emergencies only. It's for life-threatening situations. They said, If you need a ride, we'll give you a number to the taxi service. Please call them and get a ride. The call-taker thought that would be sufficient until continued calls just kept coming in," said Roberts.

Police have opened an investigation and they could press charges against the woman. They say those calls have stopped. The last one was around 1:30 Thursday morning.