Police: Bank robbed inside Lexington Walmart

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are investigating a robbery at a bank inside a busy Walmart store just off Winchester Road. Investigators say around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, a man walked up to a teller at the Woodforest Bank and passed a note before leaving with money.

"Right now we were able to obtain a photograph of the suspect," stated Lt. Sam Murdock of the Lexington Police Department.

The suspect was seen leaving the store, and police say the man is 6'5" and roughly 240 pounds and was last seen wearing a white shirt and black pants with a black hat.

Investigators have not released the details of the note, but say the teller complied with the demands and the man left.

Officers say the first call came out from the bank's hold up alarm, then moments later got a 911 call confirming there was a robbery.

Still police say the biggest concern is that this suspect was brazen enough to pull this robbery off in a crowded store on a Sunday afternoon before a holiday.

"With the holiday weekend, the Walmart area along with the Winchester Road area near Hamburg was very congested," said Lt. Murdock, "It's always a concern when we have a crime like that of that significance or any crime happen in an area especially in a store or crowded area."

Police say no weapon was shown and no one was injured. At this time, they are not sure if there were others involved or if the suspect left in a vehicle.

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