Police: Berea burglar may be tied to crimes in other states

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Two weeks ago a masked man broke into the Subway in Berea and cut the sandwich shop's safe open, police at the time called it a brazen crime because the lights were on in the restaurant. Now, a twist that not even detectives saw coming.

"At this point he's still unidentified but we did receive a call from some detectives in Iowa who saw the story and they have several burglaries in their state that are very similar to ours and they believe it could be the same person," stated Sgt. Jake Reed of the Berea Police Department.

When WKYT first reported the crime on February 6, just days after the burglary, police called the suspect "skilled" because he was carrying a bag of tools and pulled off the burglary in a matter of minutes.

With this new revelation, it's starting to add up.

"There were 20 restaurants alone that he hit in Iowa. They (detectives in Iowa) believe the same person has hit restaurants in Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, as well as, Iowa," listed Sgt. Reed, explaining Berea Police have only been in contact with investigators in Iowa.

However, that may not be the end of the list, Sgt. Reed said, "There may be more burglaries in other states that this person has done, but they just don't know about our burglary and the ones in Iowa."

While the suspect is nearly covered with his mask and gloves, police say those items may actually help the case because those are some of the similarities they're looking at.

"The way he dresses, the kind of masks and gloves that he wears, are almost identical to the pictures we've seen from Iowa," said Sgt. Reed when comparing the images to those from the Berea Subway.

However, not every restaurant hit has been a Subway, but Sgt. Reed said they all have been fast food restaurants that are just off of main highways and in each case the method is almost a carbon copy each time.

"That was the first question these out of state detectives asked us, how did he get in and how did he get in the safe? He cuts the safe the same way every time."

Police also noted that he seems to carry the same tools each time, too.

"At this point we can't say 100%, just from those similarities we think it's a very good possibility that it's the same person."

Making this curious case out of Berea a possible crime spree that stretches far beyond the Kentucky state lines.

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