Police: Child used in Mother's Day theft at Lexington Walmart

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say two moms walked into a Walmart on Mother's Day, with their children, and tried to steal a couple items, including a cake.

A loss prevention officer inside the Hamburg Walmart spotted one of those mothers, Carribean Clay. He told police she was switching the price tag on a Mother's Day cake, trying to get the $18 item for $8. The officer stopped her when she tried to check out.

They also say a second mom who Clay was shopping with, had her six-year-old son stuff items into a bag, and walk out of Walmart without paying for those items. That woman, police are still trying to find.

"Moms stealing Mother's Day cake on Mother's Day is very unusual. Unfortunately, in the past couple years, we have seen a few cases where people take their children to go steal things," said Sherelle Roberts with Lexington Police.

Police say Clay also tried to switch the price of a shirt from $8 to $3.

Clay was issued a citation from police, and not arrested.

Police tell us they have a good idea of who that second mother is and that she will face charges when found.

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