Police: Foley murder was apparently over drugs

BARBOURVILLE, Ky (WKYT) - Barbourville police say that all three men had a role in the murder and the disposal of Jonathan Ryan Foley's body, and Tuesday it came out in court that the crime had something to do with drugs.

Security was tight inside the Knox County courtroom as George Marcum, James Wyatt and John Chris Mills entered for their preliminary hearing.

Detective Steve Owens said all are pointing fingers at each other as to each suspect's role, with a possible meth buy being the reason Foley went to George Marcum's residence, where police say he was killed.

That's where Foley apparently went the night he disappeared. Foley's parents went to police after he failed to come home after what was supposed to be a quick trip to a Barbourville store. His truck was found several days later, and police were able to link phone records to the suspects.

“(James) Wyatt had stated that (George) Marcum believed Foley to be a police informant, and as such wished him to be killed or killed him.,” Det. Owens said from the witness stand in the Knox Co. District Courtroom.

Police say no one actually owned up to the murder, but there was talk of where each suspect was the night Foley disappeared, and what happened to his body.

“He (John Chris Mills) assisted in the cleanup after Foley's murder. As well as relocation of the vehicles,” Det. Owens said.

Probable cause was found and a grand jury could return an indictment on Nov 29th.

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