Police: Man reports murder call to get out of a ticket

MELBOURNE, FL. (CNN) - Police in a central Florida town say a man called 911 to report a murder to try and get out of a speeding ticket.

Melbourne police say they pulled over Julius Lupowitz for speeding when the 911 dispatchers said they received a call for a murder in the area where they pulled Lupowitz over.

Police say Lupowitz repeatedly called and hung up on dispatchers, apparently trying to get the officer that pulled him over to leave.

They say it almost worked.

The officer who had pulled him over says he was trying to write the ticket quickly so he could respond.

That's when dispatchers broadcasted the name of the caller. The officer then realized what was happening and arrested Lupowitz.

According to court documents, Lupowitz faces a felony charge that carries a maximum 5-year prison term.

The traffic ticket he received cost him $200.

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