Police: Cynthiana man left toddlers home alone

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CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WKYT) - Police said a two-year-old girl was alone along Elm Street around 8:00 Wednesday morning. Now, her father is in jail charged with wanton endangerment.

Police were called to the area after a woman said she found a 2 year old girl outside alone. Judy Fryman says her friend took the girl in.

"She went over there and grabbed her and bundled her up," said Fryman.

They said the little girl had no jacket, shoes, or socks on.

"Around 8:00 this morning it was about 24 degrees," said Officer Walter Tapp.

Police say a three-year-old was also alone inside the home. They say the children's father, Timothy Bound, had left them there alone to go to work, but expected another woman who lives there to be home soon.

"He said he had left for a few minutes had left to go to work. That's still unacceptable for a two-year-old and a three-year-old inside the house. They had space heaters. anything could've happened," said Tapp.

People who live in the area said they'd never seen the children left alone.

"They were always out playing laughing and carrying on. He always took him to the park to play," said Fryman.

The girl wasn't injured, but police and neighbors said she was lucky.

"Especially the neighborhood it was in there were dogs running around the could've bitten the child and the river's nearby," said Tapp.

"Anybody could've picked him up, kidnapped them, or anything. That's why you don't leave your children alone. It don't take but a minute. Anything could've happened," said Fryman.

Police told WKYT Bound's children have been removed from the home. People inside that home said the children would stay with other family members.