Police: Man reports being shot in Lexington park

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police spent some time searching the area around Green Acres Park looking for evidence after a person, who has not been identified, reported being shot while at the basketball court. The victim told police he didn't see the shooter or where the shots came from.

"It's kind of scary, it's really scary," started Roy Johnson, who lives on La Salle Road, just a short distance from the park. "A stray bullet could hit anybody you know, older people are here, kids are here and live here, so it's just kind of a bad situation."

"Initial report was around the basketball courts but we haven't been able to confirm that. We have an officer trying to interview the victim now to get a better location. At this point we don't know the circumstances behind the shooting. We just know we have one victim," explained Lt. Chris Young of the Lexington Police Department.

That one victim is reported to have two injuries after the shooting, but police say he had enough strength to make his way to a home down the block to get help.

"Apparently, he had some knowledge of who lived here," said Lt. Young.

"I was coming back from the store and he's hollering he got shot," described Johnson, "The first warm day comes open and kids get out and get to playing and what not, and things happen. So, that's a concern."

Police say they aren't sure if the warmer evening played a factor, or what the motive was at all. Lt. Young even said, his officers can't even determine if this was intentional or accidental.

The suspect is at large.

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