Police: Mother was high on drugs when she left baby behind at Walmart

COLUMBIA, Ky. (WKYT) - It just just before 8 Tuesday night when employees at the Columbia Wal-Mart found a baby in a shopping cart with no adult around.

Dispatcher: "Is the mother there now?"
Caller: "No...she's...I don't know where she's at."

The Wal Mart manager making the call to 911 thought the mother was actually still in the store.

Caller: "She still has personal items in the cart, with the baby but, they've been here all night long."

That's because Adrainne Faulkner works at the hair salon in Wal-Mart but police say for some reason she decided to leave the store without her baby and head for home.

"She was frantic, upset there was a level of impairment," said Sgt. Murphy.

Faulkner left without her daughter and personal items. But police say she was found with stuff stolen from the store when they caught up with her some 20 miles from the store near her home in Green County.

"She did notice at some point her child was not with her, she thought about coming back but she said she was scared to," Murphy said.

Adrainne Faulkner is a young mother, only 26, but jail is a place she's been before. She has faced drug offenses before.

Faulkner didn't want to talk about the offenses from jail and someone at her home in Greensburg also declined comment.

Police say what she did once she learned her child was missing...is troubling.

"She didn't make any effort to contact us. We had to contact her," Sgt. Murphy said.

Faulkner faces several charged with wanton endangerment, public intoxication....and shoplifting.

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