Police: Red light runners a problem in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Green means go and drivers have no problem with that on the Richmond roads, but when the light turns red that's where police and other drivers are seeing a problem!

"Yes, especially when you're turning left. It turns red very quickly and when you're trying to get to campus quickly it happens a lot," described Tiffany Dye, a student at Eastern Kentucky University.

Police say some drivers are pushing the pedal and running red lights all too frequently, so they're increasing their patrols to put a stop to it.

"It's about freaking time," reacted Courtney Perez.

"Especially when it comes to something like that. That can seriously cause serious injury," said Joseph Clark.

For some drivers in Richmond, they've either had close calls or fear having a close call either way they're glad police are doing something about this problem.

"I've had pretty close calls to people running red lights," added Clark.

"I'm glad they're cracking down so other people don't get hurt," answered Dye.

Perez even said, "I've witnessed a couple of times where three people ran the same red light and I was the one who was waiting for them to stop running it because it was my green light."

While the extra police on patrol is giving drivers some comfort, they say it also means they'll have to look out for themselves too.

"I'm guilty of it so I hope I don't get caught!" laughed Dye.

The extra patrols are being funded through the Department of Highway Safety and police say they're hoping the added presence will also cut down on crashes and ease the flow of traffic around Richmond.

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