Police: Richmond couple help child left in a car

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - It was Friday evening and Dustin Estes stopped at the Dollar General, in Richmond, to pick up diapers for his 18-month-old child.

"I pulled in the parking lot, there she was right in front of me. It looked like she was having a seizure," he described.

Estes then took a second look and saw something even more startling, a little girl trying to shake the slumped over adult.

"My headlights were right in her face and she was just shaking her mom and looking at me and she's just bawling crying," recalled the father.

Without hesitating Estes ran to help the five-year-old girl and the woman passed out next to her.

"I jerked the car door open and there rolled a bottle of computer cleaner out the door. I gave her a good shake and she came to and was just a wild woman. She was wanting to fight," Estes recalled.

Police say the woman is Deidri Taylor, and after being woken by Estes ran into the store leaving the little girl, she was supposed to be taking care of, alone in the cold night. So Estes' wife, who is nine months pregnant, took the little girl into their truck to keep warm. Moments later Taylor returned shouting at the couple before turning her attention back to the car.

"She got back in her car and was digging and got her cleaner. I jerked the keys out of the ignition because I thought she was going to try to leave and I threw them into my truck. Then she ran back inside," said Estes.

Police say they found Taylor locked inside the store's restroom, and the officer reported hearing what sounded like an air duster being used. They believe she was huffing the cleaner. After an employee used a key to unlock the door, the officer confronted the 28-year-old who was momentarily unresponsive on the toilet. The officer stepped towards her and that's when police say she hit the officer in the chest. He was not injured.

After learning what the adult was said to be doing, Estes said it made him mad.

"It sickens me, I mean it really does. It's sad that a kid has got to go through something like that."

The child was not harmed and was released to a family member, according to police.

"It's been three days now and I'm still just kind of processing it," admitted Estes, after all, he only came for diapers but left being called a "Good Samaritan."

Taylor was taken to the hospital to be medically cleared. She was then arrested for abandonment of a minor, wanton endangerment, and volatile substance abuse.

Taylor was released Saturday afternoon.

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