Police: Shooting victim drives himself to ER

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Frankfort Police say a man showed up to the Frankfort Regional medical center emergency room around 11:15 Saturday night. They say workers there called for officers when they realized the man had been shot.

"The injury was sustained in his head. It was a non-life-threatening injury," said Major Rob Richardson.

Investigators were able to talk to the man and they say he told them the incident happened inside a room at the Bluegrass Inn on the other side of town.

"He was in there and someone forced entry into his room. An assault happened, we do know that from the victim. Sometime during the course of this assault a shot was fired. He realized he was injured. He was able to get free and he drove himself to the hospital," said Richardson.

Police say they have a good lead on a suspect, but they're not ready to release any of the suspect's details just yet.

"We are looking at a suspect and we're hoping to have someone in custody soon enough," Richardson said.

Police said the man was released from the hospital on Sunday.

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