Police: Squatters created fake lease agreement

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - For nearly two years, neighbors say this house on Bowerwood Drive has been empty after it went into foreclosure. Then, about three weeks ago, things changed.

"We noticed some young folks kind of milling around the house. Before we knew it, they had moved in and claimed they were renting the house. We were kind of suspicious from day one," said Kelly Harmon.

Another neighbor went over to say hi. He said the man living inside showed him a lease agreement. Even then, the neighbors weren't convinced.

"We knew, more than likely, foreclosed houses don't get rented out," said Harmon.

Then, they said things got stranger.

"We never saw furniture moved in, they were in and out sporadically, different cars. It was suspicious from day one," said Harmon.

Police said another neighbor called them and they looked into it. On May 3, they arrested Dylan Cartwright, Brittany Coovert, and Tiffany Templin. They said the three had created a fictitious lease agreement and charged them with burglary and possession of a forged instrument. Kelly Harmon said he'd be keeping a close eye on his neighborhood.

"You just have to be good neighbors and look out for each other. Know their habits and the vehicles they drive and keeping up with them. Just be aware of your surroundings," said Harmon.

All three have bonded out of the Madison County Detention Center. Police also arrested Delieto Jones inside the house. They say he had a baggie of cocaine and there was a loaded gun and digital scales inside.

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