Crime Alert: Warning about increase in car break-ins

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Georgetown police are warning area residents of an increase in car break-ins, especially within residential areas.

"This happens every year during the holiday season," explains Captain Ronnie Wagoner with the Georgetown Police Department, "the number of car break-ins skyrockets, especially if valuable items are left within plain sight."

Georgetown police tell WKYT that within the last week a number of cars have been broken into. They say drivers are leaving cars unlocked and thieves are praying on that. They also say that thieves are using many different tactics to get into locked cars, however, the most common is breaking the window. "The areas hardest hit are residential areas but we've responded to calls at The Pavilion as well as by schools."

Officials are urging community members to be more aware and pay attention to people acting strange or looking into cars. "People get desperate during the holidays, they'll do anything to make a quick buck so you need to be extra careful. Don't let yourself be a victim by leaving valuable items in your car. You might not think the item is of much value, but if someone is looking for something to steal and sell to make a quick buck they might see it differently. "

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