Police: Woman solicits money for missing Madison County teen's family, keeps money

A woman is arrested, after Berea Police say she was soliciting donations for a missing Madison County teen's family, but was keeping the money for herself instead.

We're told police were called to the Berea Tourism Center, after they were told Amanda Griffey, 21, of Berea, was telling people she was taking up money for the family of Brookelyn Farthing. Police say Griffey was posing as a member from a local church.

Berea Police tell us Griffey got $10 from two people, before being stopped by officers on North Broadway. Officers say they also learned Griffey previously got $20 on Saturday, using the same story. Police say, though, that Griffey signed a receipt with a false name, and admitted to officers she was not collecting money for the family, was also not with a church, and was keeping the money for herself.

Griffey is charged with theft by identity of another, and theft by deception.

19-year-old Brookelyn Farthing has not been seen since June 22nd.