Police: Woman steals car by having it towed, crushed, sold for scrap

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman says that when her car broke down off Interstate 64, someone stole it by having it towed and selling it for scrap. On Thursday morning, police identified a person of interest in the case.

State police say they're looking for Molly Litteral, 36, of Rowan County. They believe she's responsible for posing as the owner of Brittney Stacy's 1999 Ford Escort, having it towed from the side of Highway 801 by Eddie's Service Center in Morehead, and selling it to Henry's Recycling to be crushed for scrap metal. Stacy's car broke down Saturday evening on her way back from Mount Sterling. And she planned to have it picked up early Monday morning.

"Apparently the woman called the guy, was standing outside of the car, and said that her car broke down, and she wanted it towed off to the junk yard," said Stacy, the victim in this car theft. "By the time we found it, it had already been crushed."

An employee at Henry's Recycling says they did not ask for the title to the car. Officials at the Transportation Cabinet told WKYT that the recycler is required to obtain the vehicle's title before disposing of it.

Stacy says she is left pressing charges against all parties involved and trying to cope without having any transportation for her family of three.

"I was very angry," said Stacy. "It's my husband's only way to work. It's my only way to school. I've got a one year old daughter that I have to take to doctor's appointments, and if it was an emergency, what would I do to get her to town? I have no other vehicle."

Police say once she is found and arrested, Litteral will be charged with auto theft by unlawful taking. They are also investigating whether others could have been involved in the crime.

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