Police arrest one of Lexington's most wanted

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Many people in Lexington’s Cardinal Valley neighborhood say after a few tense weeks they're finally breathing a sigh of relief and have stopped looking over their shoulders because the man they feared has been arrested.

Justin Hager was known by police as being one of Lexington's most wanted.

However, some people in the Cambridge apartment community say he was known as the man who stole a family's car, tried to run over the wife and then stabbed the husband.

Police say Hager tried to steal the car several weeks ago when he saw the father start the car and then go back in the home.

Police say Hager jumped behind the wheel but didn't make it past the parking lot because he got stuck on ice.

According to police, when the owners confronted Hager, he pulled out a knife and tried to stab the wife.

They say she escaped but her husband didn't. Police say he was stabbed two times in front of his wife and young children.

There were four warrants out for Hager's arrest when he was caught. Police say he was also wanted in other cases.

Russ Siler works in the community and he says he’s relieved an arrest has been made.

"A lot of people have been staying in their homes and keeping their kids in, really looking, checking to see who is who," he said.

Hager is charged with first-degree robbery, assault and wanton endangerment as well as receiving stolen property.

He was arraigned on the charges in district court Friday afternoon.

Hager declined our requests for a jail interview.

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