Police arrest teen in stolen semi in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - A 13-year old is facing serious charges after he's accused of stealing his dad's tractor trailer and going on a joy ride.

“He just decided to steal his dad’s truck he didn’t tell us anymore about it at the time,” said Officer Brian Gilliam with Kentucky State Police.

The catch? His dad's truck is actually a tractor trailer.

“This is the second time it’s happened. The first time it happened he stole it and drove it to Indiana,” Gilliam told us.

This time, the teen allegedly drove the semi from Florence to Georgetown; a nearly 50 mile trek down Interstate 75.

“Anytime you operate one of those trucks you have to have a commercial driver’s license and obviously him being 13 he didn’t have one. It’s very difficult to operate them, it’s a stick shift.”

The vehicle's driver, Harold Warren, told police that his son may have taken his bobcat tractor trailer. Warren told police that he woke up on Thursday morning and noticed that his son was not at home.

When he got to work on Friday morning, he noticed that his tractor trailer was missing. Police put out a bulletin to locate both the juvenile and the tractor trailer.

At 7:50 on Friday morning, Kentucky State Police found the teenager in the tractor trailer at a Pilot Truck Stop on Triport Road in Georgetown.

“We saw the juvenile in the truck, he was awake and we got him out and at that time he was charged him with receiving stolen property.”

Now, officers are just relieved that this seemingly random joy ride didn't end any worse.

“A kid at that age driving a tractor like that that size, anything can happen.”

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