Police arrest man in armed robbery in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have arrested a man in an overnight assault who they believe could be connected to several gas station robberies over the weekend.

Investigators say the victim of the robbery on Dalton Court identified Brian Shawn Kirk in a lineup. The victim says Kirk came into her apartment, armed with a gun and stole $140. According to police report, Kirk was in the process of tying up the victim with duct tape, when the victim's roommate came home. At that point, the victim says Kirk left.

"He was armed with a firearm. He sexually assaulted a female as well as robbed her of some items. Some of those items have been recovered. And we have located a weapon here at the scene, in a vehicle that belongs to our suspect," said Lexington Police Lieutenant Ed Hart.

The woman was able to give police a vehicle description allowing them to track down the car at a hotel off of Winchester Road.

Police found Kirk inside the hotel, along with evidence linked to the robbery and assault. They also found evidence that they believe is connected to several other robberies.

Police say they are currently working to determine if Kirk was involved in three gas station robberies from over the weekend.

"There are similarities in the description and there are other details that we're trying to work out to see if he could also be charged with those gas station robberies. At this point he has not been charged for the gas station robberies," says Sherelle Roberts, with Lexington Police.

WKYT has learned the Shawn Kirk is a professional boxer. He is well-known in the Lexington Boxing Community as the Shawn "the Cannon" Kirk.

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