Police consider Lexington man's disappearance suspicious

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police are investigating the suspicious disappearance of a Lexington man.

Alex Johnson hasn't been seen or heard from in nearly a week. His family has been working with police to try to find him. They say his girlfriend was the last one to talk to him last Friday on the phone, while he was at his North Hanover apartment in Lexington.

On Saturday, Johnson missed a meeting at his workplace, the University of Kentucky, then failed to show up at his family's home in Bowling Green for Christmas.

Lexington Police are investigating the disappearance. They met with his family Thursday, and his sister has worked to spread his picture on social media. She says their family is very close, and they are worried something has happened to him.

"They have just been absolutely horrible, absolute worst days of our lives, just the not knowing and feeling helpless. We're just sick, so worried about him," Cayce Johnson told us Thursday.

One of Johnson friends says his truck and bicycle were still at his apartment, but the door was locked and there was no sign anything had been taken from inside. Police also tell us there has been no bank account or cell phone activity from Johnson since he went missing.

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