Police cracking down on speeders along busy Lexington road

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have an alert Thursday night for drivers along a busy Lexington road.

They say it's time to ease off the gas pedal because police plan to start cracking down on speeders along New Circle Road.

And they say this week will be your warning.

These electronic speed detectors are there for a reason. That reason being to slow you down.

"When I pass them, I always check to see what speed I'm going whether I'm speeding or not," said Richele Phillips, a driver in Lexington.

Lexington police tell us these electronic signs are up because they've reported more speeders and wrecks in the area recently.

"With technology the way it is, you never know when somebody is watching you," said Jimmy Hopkins, a Lexington driver.

The question is: are these signs slowing drivers down? Lexington police tell us they hope so because next week they'll be patrolling.

"As soon as I see one of those flashing what speed I'm going, I automatically let off the gas and try to slow down," said Phillips.

"I immediately slow down if I'm speeding, but other than that, I usually travel the speed limit pretty close," said Hopkins.

Our "Caught in the Fast Lane" investigation in November of 2011 found that of the top 10 places you are most likely to get a speeding ticket in Lexington, six are on New Circle Road.

That's a big reason why you'll see them there.

"They do help deter and cause you to slow down and be more cautious," said Phillips.

Don't wait until your speed is flashing red or you see red lights behind you because it'll be too late.

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