Police dispatch tapes released after man fires at officer

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're learning more about the tense situation that unfolded when Lexington Police say a man fired a shot at them.

Police charged Phillip Resmondo, 24, with attempted murder after they say he fired the shot Tuesday at a home on Woodside Circle.

Officers were first dispatched to the home after the man's father called police saying "his son was threatening to come over and shoot him with a shotgun".

Not long after dispatch relayed another message to responding officers "According to the father the son has arrived with a shotgun."

As the first officer arrived, according to police, Resmondo turned the gun on him. From the tapes you can hear the officer screaming for help "shots fired, shots fired."

Dispatchers quickly called out a 'signal seven' and urged additional units to the home.

Before additional officers arrived on scene, the officer used a taser to restrain the shooter.

"Taser deployed, no injuries, suspect in custody," said a dispatcher. A nearby worker witnessed the take down.

"It was pretty wild, pretty wild. The gentleman grabbed the guy, knocked the gun out of his hand threw it out in the yard and they wrestled him down," said David Prewitt.

In addition to attempted murder, police also charged Resmondo with 2 counts of wanton endangerment, assault third and resisting arrest.

It remains unclear what caused the domestic dispute between the father and son.

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