Police: drunk man arrested for letting children outdoors unsupervised

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Neighbors say it was an alarming sight on Manna Drive, Wednesday evening, when they found several children playing unattended outside and, in one case, one of the children crossed in front of an oncoming car.

"Kind of scary to see a little kid dart into the road," said Susan Coleman, who said she was taking a walk with her two-year-old when this mother said heart nearly leapt out of her chest.

"I was actually on the phone with my husband and was like, 'Okay, what should I do? Should I go grab these kids?' He said yeah, so I got off the phone and grabbed them. The little girl, the oldest one, ran out back into the street when a car was coming, so I actually ran into the street to grab her," Coleman recalled, "They were down around the curve, so I was afraid a car was going to come from the other direction and possibly hit them because they were in a blind spot."

Coleman said the kids are always playing outside, but this time the kids, ages four, two and a half, and six months old, were wandering around without any adult around.

"One of them was bare-bottomed, the youngest one, so no diaper or anything," described Coleman.

"It got the attention of the neighbors they did the responsible thing by gathering up the children and try to make contact with a parent," applauded Major Bob Mott of the Richmond Police Department.

Several neighbors went looking for a parent, and they found the father, 26-year-old Kyle Chasteen, on the floor of his apartment.

"The Police and the neighbors tried to get a hold of the father but he was unresponsive because of his intoxicated state," said Mott, adding the mother was away at work.

"I was very angry that someone could do that knowing you have three kids in your house and just be that irresponsible I guess," stated Coleman, who went on to say she was "on edge" the rest of the night thinking about the children.

Child Social Services have stepped in and placed the three kids with a relative. Police are charging Chasteen with three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, and they also served an outstanding arrest warrant for a domestic violence charge that goes back to an April 2013 report.

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