State Police arrest 300 in drug crackdown

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police troopers are rounding up hundreds of drug suspects in what the state's lead police agency calls the largest one-day drug crackdown in its history.

State police officials reported Friday that 300 targets were arrested. They have plans to serve warrants to at least 478.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer says the round-up, called Operation Black Friday, is the result of tips.

"Just like this letter that I'm holding in my hand today, we have received numerous letters, many of them pleading with us, to please clean up the drug situation in their respective neighborhoods," explains Commissioner Brewer.

Brewer says the charges involve such drugs as marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs, and methamphetamine.

Brewer indicated that many of the arrests are what KSP terms as "low-level" offenders. These are usually people who are buying drugs and causing disruption within the communities where they live.

"We hope that we get all the drugs off the street. We know that's not possible, but that is our goal is to take all drugs and all drug dealers off the street to keep our communities and our kids safe," noted Trooper Kendra Wilson.

Brewer encouraged citizens use the 'Text-A-Tip' program or call the toll free tip-line at 1-(800) DOPE TIP.

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