Police find stolen items in Anderson County home

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A string of burglaries left people in one central Kentucky county feeling frustrated.

Investigators say a tip in another county helped crack the case. Anderson County sheriff's deputies say they found thousands of dollars in items stolen from Mercer County inside a home.

The man who owns a farm along Warwick Road says thieves got into his barn, stealing more than $20,000 worth of items including his 3-year-old son's pony saddle.

Adam Chunglo says several homes around the area have been burglarized since November. He says thieves hit his house, then his barn two weeks later. In all, he says more than $22,000 worth of items were taken from the barn alone. On Monday, deputies at the Anderson County sheriffs office got a tip about some stolen property, and when they went to a home on Wildcat Road, they say they found more than $30,000 worth of stolen items. They say a lot of those stolen items appear the be the ones from the Chunglo's barn.

"It was a really good feeling when they started saying 'Hey we've got your stuff' and then finding that it matched serial numbers and descriptions and things like that," Chunglo said.

Chunglo says he's put up security cameras in hopes of preventing this kind of thing in the future. A sheriff's deputy said they're looking into two people who are in jail on unrelated charges in Carroll County as the possible thieves.

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