Police hope for new leads in 2002 missing person case

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Joyce Crider's mother tells WKYT that she fears she may never know what happened to her daughter now that her ex-husband, Bill Crider has died.

Lexington Police say have they have not lost hope in solving this case.

"I mean there is always a chance that information has been lost. We can't focus on that," says Sgt. Pete Ford, with Lexington Police.

Instead Lexington Police are focused on following up on leads and generating new ones now that the missing person case has regained public attention."Joyce Crider is the focus of this investigation. And we would like to be able to move forward and the family of Mrs. Crider to move forward as well," adds Ford.

Bill Crider was killed in a single vehicle car crash on Sunday in Eastern Kentucky.

Joyce's mother believes her daughters ex-husband killed her and that he would've been the only one to know where her body is. Police say Bill Crider is not a suspect or even a person of interest in the missing person case.

Crider disappeared more than a decade ago, but police say solving the case remains a top priority. "We work this case like any other case. Obviously this case has been open for a period of years. As information comes in, we will continue to follow up on that," Ford adds.

Police are asking anyone with information on Joyce Crider's 2002 disappearance to contact them.

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