Police in Georgetown arrest woman wanted in six counties

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - A 31-year-old woman wanted in six Kentucky counties for doctor shopping is in jail.

Georgetown police arrested her Thursday afternoon. Investigators say she went from doctor's office to doctor's office getting prescriptions for pain medication.

"The classic version of it is when a person goes to one doctor and obtains a narcotic medication then goes to a second doctor and fails to inform that doctor about the first prescription," explained Georgetown Police Lieutenant Don Mather. His team caught her Thursday at a doctor's office near the Georgetown Hospital.

"If you're in and out quickly and she keeps moving to different counties, different pharmacies, things of that nature then that helps the odds of not being caught up until that point."

Georgetown police soon realized Willoughby had quite a few charges from neighboring counties.

"What this lady did was hit a lot of dentist offices too. And it was not common for dentists to use KASPER until recently. We had some that did, but not very many. Now the new law's changing it. It should make this a lot harder to do."

In all, police say there were about 60 charges against Willoughby.

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