Police in Laurel Co. to target dangerous section of US 25

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LAUREL CO, Ky, (WKYT) - For many it’s the prime pathway between London and Corbin.

“The problem we have with US 25 is the traffic volume,” said Laurel Co. Deputy Sheriff Gilbert Acciardo.

Despite I-75 being a straighter and faster stretch between the two cities, a lot of people find it more convenient to head down two lane 25.

“That’s where most of the serious crashes are occurring. It is where several of the traffic fatalities have occurred,” Acciardo said.

Dawn Parton knows all about the crashes on US 25. Her business, McVay’s Tanning, fronts the thoroughfare and several years ago she even witnessed a crash that killed 3 people.

“I even had nightmares for a long time after that, because a little child was thrown from the back seat and wasn’t wearing a seat belt,” Parton said.

And police say in many of the crashes they have noticed a dangerous combination of speed, alcohol, or drugs.

So police say they will patrol the area more and strictly enforce the 55 MPH limit.

“55 or less with that traffic volume would make a big, big difference. That’s what we are trying to do,” said Acciardo.

“It is 55, some go way under that, but some go way over that,” said Parton.

Police say in many of the crashes, drivers have exceeded 20 miles over the limit.

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