Richmond residents report bear sightings in neighborhoods

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A bear is spotted in a Richmond neighborhood, but Richmond Police say not to worry.

The young bear was spotted in the area of North Keeneland Drive Sunday night and Monday morning.

Police tell WKYT the bear would come out of the woods, and would walk around, then go back in the woods after being scared off by someone. It hasn't harmed anyone and it's not considered a threat.

Fish and Wildlife crews have no reason to trap it because of the low threat level. Joe Lacefield with KDFWR thinks the bear is about two-years-old. He says the bear probably walked away from his mother, to get away from bigger, more threatening bears. Lacefield says bears can cover 100 miles in a couple of days, and this bear could be on the move Monday night.

Feeding bears is illegal. Officials ask residents to cover their trash cans and bring pet food inside, while the bear is around.

One woman our crews spoke with hopes the bear isn't harmed. She doesn't think it'll hurt anyone, but fears what it might do to her dog.

"We were looking for him wondering how big he was. We didn't see him. Mainly we were just wondering and watching Jack to make sure he didn't find Jack," Faye Bentley told us Monday.

If you spot the bear, don't approach it. It will eventually go back to where it came from.

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