Police in Somerset investigating violent purse snatching

Police are asking for help in finding the answers to the violent purse snatching that happened here at the Tradewind Centers parking lot, Monday night. For other female shoppers, that news is a bit alarming.

"That does, that actually bothers me to think that there's people out here that do that kind of thing," Madonna Hall tells WKYT.

Employees in the Tradewind Center area say it was around this Zumba dance studio where a 21-year-old woman was attacked around 8:30 Monday night. Police say two men wearing hoodies approached her. One demanded her purse. The other stood by. The woman said "no" and tried to keep purse, but was hit in the face.

"That's extreme. I mean it's really sad, though, that we can't be trusted in our neighborhoods and in our local stores in our local town. It really is sad," continues Hall.

Word of the attack was enough to make several females in the shopping center.. express their fears.

"I do get feared, yes. I mean I check my backseats before I even get in my car sometimes, especially at nighttime," says Hall.

"It should be, but it's not necessarily because I'm usually with my mother. But yeah, if I was by myself, definitely," Kimberly Colwell, another Somerset shoppers tells us.

It even has them thinking through what they can do to be more alert.

"I'm going to make sure that I'm with someone, especially at this late hour of the night," Colwell continues.

Now, according to the victim, and several other witnesses, the two suspects hoped into a light-colored SUV and left the area.

Police say the woman was taken to a local hospital to be treated. They say she is facing non-life threatening injuries.