Police investigate pharmacy robbery in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a bizare case. Police caught a man just minutes after he robbed a pharmacy and they say they found him in the trunk of a car, eating prescription pills.

This one is definitely a bit bizarre. Police say an armed man walked into this Georgetown Walgreens and demanded prescription pills, but as investigators began to unfold this case they say it takes several different turns.

This robbery didn't go quite like most are reported. The suspect went into the pharmacy armed with a pistol and a pillow case and demanded a large quantity of prescription pills.

Lt. Don Mather says, "He went to the counter and demanded oxycontin and was given bottles of a lower grade narcotic pills."

Police say John Crider is the man behind the crime. But when he left to make his getaway, he didn't exactly get very far.

"We arrived to the scene in under 30 seconds. A citizen began pointing to the direction the suspect had fled, ultimately leading to a white passenger car in the parking lot."

In the trunk of that car, police say they found Crider hiding, and eating the pills, but this one takes a turn, as investigators suspect he might not have been working alone.

"The investigation is continuing as to whether that person intended to drive him from the scene or not."

And yet another twist, the gun he had wasn't even loaded.

"No, it was not. It ended up being a pellet pistol. Of course, the sad thing is the people that it was being pointed at had no idea."

Crider was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and when he's released he'll be taken jail on charges of robbery.

Police say Crider had a few scrapes but no one was injured in this robbery.

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