Two suspects arrested in overnight burglary spree

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Lincoln County Sheriff says his deputies have arrested two of three suspected burglars who may have hit several business across Central Kentucky overnight.

Cab driver Jack Tipton says his day started out like any other.

"This guy called and said he wanted to get a cab from Lancaster to the Greyhound bus station in Lexington," he said.

But not long after that, things took an unusual turn.

"Everybody was swarming around the car, all the police cars. I said, what in the world's going on?!"

Turns out, the two people in his backseat were suspected in as many as six burglaries across four counties this morning. Surveillance video from a Lincoln County gas station shows three people forcing their way into the store, rummaging around behind the counter, and taking off. That scene played out at several other business in Lincoln, Garrard, Boyle, and Marion counties overnight. Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger said they got a tip that one of the three had gotten into a cab. They followed that cab until they say a second man was picked up, then they jumped into action.

"Before they could do anything, the police had them out of the cab and on the ground," said Tipton.

They arrested Daniel Stovall and Joshua Johnson. The sheriff is still searching for a third suspect, Billy Dale Roach. They say they found his ID inside a ditched SUV that had stolen cash and cigarettes inside it.

After all the morning's excitement, it was back to normal for cab driver Jack Tipton. He's just glad his passengers took care of business before they got stopped.

"I'm just glad I got paid in advance!" he said.

The sheriff said they also found a safe in creek bed in Garrard County. They suspect that safe came from one of the businesses.

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