Police investigate string of school bus battery thefts

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Over the holiday break, school buses in Madison County, that are typically filled with students, sat alone. But they didn't go untouched.

"You know how bus doors are, you just kind of push them open," says Sgt. Jake Reed, Berea Police. "So I think it would've been fairly easy to get in there. As long as you can unhook a battery. If you can get under the hood and you can unhook it, you can take it."

Berea police say someone stole more than $500 in batteries from three different buses. But, they're not surprised.

"It's something that we've seen before," Sgt. Reed says. "It seems to happen off and on."

Back in the summer, police say several car batteries were stolen from a used car lot.

Sgt. Reed says, "It went several months and we didn't have any of these kinds of thefts, but now we're starting to see them again. People just take these batteries to scrap yards and sell them for a little bit of money."

Police say they do have a suspect in the most recent string of thefts. But so far, they've made no arrests.

A few days before this incident, police say someone stole nearly $1,000 in batteries and battery cables from buses that were parked at Clark-Moores Middle School in Richmond. Police aren't sure whether those crimes are connected.

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