Police investigating Scott County bus fight that sent 8-year-old to hospital

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - A fight on a Scott County school bus has deputies and school administrators investigating after an 8-year-old is sent to the hospital.

Scott County Sheriff's deputies were still talking to witnesses and the people involved in the case on Thursday. The grandmother of three of the boys says it was simply roughhousing but the mother of the victim says her son was attacked.

Deputies confirm the fight happened Wednesday afternoon as the bus was dropping kids off at the intersection of Dale Road and Mulholland Road in the Spindle Top Mobile Home Park.

People living in the park say they knew something was wrong when they saw a crowd gathering around a young boy.

"I come out the side and there he was laying on the ground there," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

The 8-year-old boy's mother says her son had bruising and scratching on his face. He was taken to Georgetown Community Hospital where she says he was given a CAT scan that came back clean.

One of her neighbors says he was shocked when he heard what had happened to the boy.

"He's a good kid, that's what scared me, and my neighbors kid too," said Bill Calvert.

Deputies say they're still sorting through witness statements as to just how many kids were involved. The grandmother of three of those boys says there was some roughhousing going on but she says the fight was blown out of proportion.

"They did say they did hit him, but this packing him off the bus, that did not happen, he was not blue," Pamela Huff said.

She says her grandsons have been worried since sheriff's deputies came to their home.

"They come in there into my bed and they cried 'Granny, I don't want to go to school today, they're going to be on me, they're gonna call me bully,'" Huff said.

Scott County Schools Superintendent Patricia Putty told the Georgetown News-Graphic that they had reviewed video of the incident from the school bus and planned to take disciplinary action against the boys involved.

Sheriff's deputies are in the process of getting that video so they can also review it. They say they aren't sure if there will be any charges in connection to the incident.

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