Lexington police issue warning on summer scams

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The first notification involves UPS packages being stolen from homes in the Hartland area earlier this week.
The homeowners association says the alleged thief was driving a red four-door Chrysler Sebring.

"Make arrangements to pick up the package at the post office or at UPS or at the FedEx office. If you can't do that, have it dropped off at a neighbors house, or at the very least have it put on your back door instead of your front door," said Lexington Police Spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts.

A second instance involves a report of two people posing as State Farm agents, trying to get into a home under the premise of updating the homeowners coverage.
A teenager living at a particular home got suspicious and didn't let the people inside.

Roberts said, "Over the past few weeks, our Financial Crimes detectives have received a number of calls of people saying that they've received unwanted solicitation."

Roberts continued, "In some cases people have said they been scammed out of money. And so we want to remind people, especially in the summer, this is the season where we see a lot of this activity happening."

WKYT called a local State Farm Insurance agents office, and they said they would never try to get into a clients home without first making an appointment.

Both police and the Hartland Homeowners Association encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity, to call Lexington Police immediately.

Hartland Homeowners Association: 859-272-2033

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