Lexington Police announce possible connection in jewelry store robberies

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Could an attempted robbery at a Lexington jewelry store be connected to a smash and grab robbery at another jewelry store earlier this year?

Lexington Police say it's a possibility.

They arrested Theo Evans, Dwan Harris, and Terry Wallace on Tuesday after they say employees at The Castle on New Circle Road stopped a robbery there.

Tuesday's crime has several similarities as the robbery that happened at Shelia Bays Fine Jewelers on March 22nd.

In that incident, two thieves unassumingly walked into the store in the middle of the day, used a sledge hammer to smash one of the store's glass cases and then managed to steal with $150,000 dollars worth of Rolex watches in a matter of seconds.

The thieves involved in Tuesday's robbery also attempted to steal several Rolex watches but were unsuccessful in their attempt after they were stopped by store employees.

"You never want to rule out the possibility that this could be a copy cat or this could be someone who is taking cues from the other situations that we're seeing around the country so again, we don't want to say anything definitive until we know for sure," said Sherelle Roberts with Lexington Police.

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