Police need your help to solve Lexington murder

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say they need your help after a man was found shot to death inside a Lexington home.

Police say 49-year old Joseph Randolph was found dead Saturday night, shot twice at his home on Simpson Avenue. Randolph later died at UK hospital.

Friends of the victim tell WKYT, Randolph was a landlord and owned numerous properties around UK's campus.

Investigators say they have very little to work with regarding the city's first homicide case of the new year. Police are still searching for the shooter and investigators have struggled to figure out exactly what happened at the home on the fringe of UK's campus.

Police say there were no witnesses, which makes any tips or help from the public crucial to solving the crime.

"We really, really want to thank the public for what they did last year," says Sherelle Roberts, spokesperson for the Lexington Police Department. "Of the 14 homicides we had last year, we solved 13 and I'd say the majority of those were solved because people cooperated. They called us if they knew anything or if they saw anything and that's exactly what we need for them to do in this case and throughout this year as well."

Police are hoping someone will come forward with information that could help put the pieces together in Lexington's first murder of the year.

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