Police officer admits to shooting, killing neighbor's dog in Scott Co.

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington police officer admits to his neighbors, he shot and killed their family dog.

The neighbor tells WKYT he plans to take civil action because the officer won't face charges.

"You've killed one of my children. I said that's how I feel. That you've just murdered one of my children," explained Scott County resident Brian Geary.

Angel had been a member of Geary's family for 12 years. He says she roamed outside with their chickens, and he was surprised to hear his neighbor, a Lexington police officer, accuse Angel of trying to kill his.

"As a police officer, he should have been able to use a little bit more common sense and a little bit more tact than what he did," noted Geary.

Officer Jeff Brangers told us off camera he's sorry for what happened. He says she's the fifth dog he's shot at, and if any others go near his coop, he'll shoot them too. Under Kentucky law, if an animal is pursing his livestock, he can shoot.

"Everybody around here has dogs. People on this street are worried because dogs get loose," said Geary.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office told WKYT that there was no criminal intent from either party, and that the issue is considered a civil matter. They will no longer investigate.

Geary can't save Angel, but he's trying to keep Officer Brangers from shooting another like her. He is consulting attorneys, and may pursue further legal action.

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