Police patrols increase at a Lexington park after car break-ins

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have had their hands full dealing with car break-ins at a Lexington park. They are taking the crime spree seriously by upping patrols in the area to make sure families are protected.

But people at Shillito Park remain nervous about one thing.

"All the theft and trouble they're causing here," said John Franklin, a parent and assistant coach.

Last month unwelcomed thieves started off the South Lexington Youth Baseball season on the wrong foot.

"We had a deal with that and had Mother's Day the next day," said Ken Disponett, a victim. "It was 4:30 in the afternoon. You just didn't expect it in the broad daylight. And two women's cars got hit that day. Both left their purses in the car."

Ken Disponett is a parent, coach, and victim in all of this. He was targeted not even 30 minutes after arriving and still had another game to go that day.

"We had the glass all over the parking lot. We had just the purse taken. There was an iPad right there next to it in the seat and that wasn't taken, so they were definitely going after the purses," said Disponett.

Hoping to prevent further thefts, police have set up shop at the park and parents have noticed their presence.

"As a parent and a coach out here, it definitely makes you feel better about the situation," said Franklin.

Lexington Police tell us they patrolled the area on Saturday during a big fundraiser that brought hundreds to the park. They plan to do the same at next weekend's little league baseball tournament.

During these break-ins, we're told individuals stole credit cards and checks and used them at local banks. Those victims have been reimbursed.

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