Police prepare for Final Four night

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Law enforcement have a request for everyone in Lexington - if the Wildcats win Saturday, keep your celebrations safe and legal.

Police made zero student arrests during Elite Eight celebrations, and they're hoping the number stays the same for the Final Four.

"When people are drinking and celebrating, as long as they're not actually breaking a law or doing something serious to hurt someone or damage property then we're there as observers," explained Chief Ronnie Bastin.

Chief Bastin gathered a dozen community leaders together Friday to show they're working together to keep fans and students safe.

"Destroying property, setting fires, blocking roadways, inciting violence or committing other crimes won't be tolerated," said Chief Bastin, "we're looking for things that could be a fire hazard and working with our other partners to try to get rid of those."

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