Deputies ready for snow in Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- It came down heavy at times in Franklin County near interstate 64 on the west side of Frankfort.

While there haven't been any wrecks according to Sgt. Alvin Cummins, the deputies know they have to be ready on a night like tonight.

"Lawrenceburg road is a bad road for us. It never fails that if there's bad weather there's going to be a wreck there," said Cummins.

And in case things get really bad...

"So far we've got some deputies by the phone, waiting just in case we need them. As well as, we've a deputy that's actually on the interstate, riding up and down the interstate just trying to maybe slow some people down. Most people aren't going to slow down just because there's a little snow falling, so if they see him out there, they'd be more apt to slow down for him than just a little snow. That's about all we can do at this point," said Cummins.

While the ground is covered in white the roads still are pretty clear, and many salt trucks passing along the roadways, especially eight over the bridge over I-64, making sure nothing becomes dangerous tonight.

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