Police release reports in deadly crash involving fire truck

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - City leaders have just released documents from a deadly crash involving a Lexington fire truck.

WKYT has been tracking the investigation since Saturday. That's when police say 27-year-old Lauren Roady was hit and killed by a fire truck as she crossed North Broadway at Main Street.

Lexington Police released the documents Thursday afternoon. They include a traffic collision report, a general investigative report, and an incident report.

The traffic collision report states the roads were wet on Saturday. It was rainy outside when Firefighter Christopher Presley was making a left hand turn from Main Street onto Broadway. Lexington Police say Presley failed to yield the right of way to pedestrian Lauren Roady. The description in the collision report also states that Roady was in the cross walk at the time of the collision. A map of the collision shows Roady hit the left side of the fire truck. Her body came to a rest a few feet away from the initial point of collision.

Lexington police issued a statement along with the documents released Thursday. They say they do not plan to file charges against Christopher Presley.

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