Man resigns from Georgetown College part-time job after marijuana found in home

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Georgetown College officials tell us Jody Pope has resigned from his part-time job as a security officer.

Monday night, they told us Pope was involved in a police investigation. Lexington Police say they were called to Pope's home on Parallel Road after a burglary call.

When they arrived, they say Pope wasn't there, but they found the indoor marijuana growing operation.

Police say they have not issued an arrest warrant for Pope yet.

It started with a phone call from a concerned neighbor, the kind of call that police encourage.

"One of the neighbors who lives near this house saw someone exiting this house with a television in a truck they didn't recognize. So they were very concerned that their neighbor's house was being burglarized," explained Sherelle Roberts, of the Lexington Police.

Officers got the call around 8 p.m. Sunday night, and at the home they found the door was left open. Roberts said the police went into action.

"Our primary concern was getting into the house and making sure there was no one inside the house who was injured or in danger."

Once inside, they found more than they expected, Roberts added, "During that safety check discovered an indoor marijuana grow."

With a search warrant, police seized several plants, equipment for an indoor grow, and a large amount of money.

"It turned out to be much more when we got inside," said Roberts.

Police are now looking to arrest the man who lives at the address, which records show the home belongs to Jody Pope. An online search shows Pope works at Georgetown College in campus safety. The college confirms Pope works for them part-time and that they are aware he is involved in some kind of police investigation. They add he's only been with the college for less than 90 days and that his background check came up clean.

"I've talked to that guy many times and he seemed like a pretty nice guy, you know," explained one of Pope's neighbors, who wished to be anonymous.

Neighbors say to hear there was a break in on the street bothered them, but to hear what Pope was involved in really shakes them up.

"I have children in the house, he wasn't 25 yards from me!" reacted the neighbor, who did say he was aware Pope was growing a garden in his backyard, "So he said. I guess he was growing a garden just not the one I thought he was!"

Leaving him, and others, wondering just who this man is. Police will continue investigating this case. They say they will also continue looking into the original burglary call, as well.

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