Police say counterfeit bills are causing businesses problems

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Stanford police say they've received hundreds of dollars in fake tens and twenties recently.

Police in Stanford say they've rounded up at least $300 in the past several weeks. Most of the fake bills are tens or twenties, but some banks here in town say even one dollar bills are being passed.

The bills at first glance look legitimate, but they don't feel just right and sometimes the shapes are just a little bit off. Police say a ring of people are passing these bills in Lincoln, Boyle, Casey and Garrard Counties. Already numerous businesses, and even a church, have fallen victim.

Captain Barry Allen of the Stanford Police department says, "Every county that touches Lincoln there are counterfeit bills. That's been documented. Primarily it is $20 bills."

Police say the easiest way to tell whether a bill is real is to mark it with a pen. If it turns yellow, it's usually real, but If it turns black, it's not.

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