Police say man raped woman, forced her to drive him to Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say the ride began in Frankfort, where a man approached the victims vehicle, and got in.

Back on September 6th, the victim, whom police do not name in the arrest report, was stopped at the intersection of Schenkel Lane and Allnut Drive in Frankfort.

A man, later identified as Demetrius Gunn of Lexington, walked up and got in the victim's truck armed with a knife.
The victim told police Gunn told her if she didn't keep driving that he would kill her.

So she did what the intruder demanded, but shortly after, Gunn told her to pull off in an area she wasn't familiar with.
The victim told police Gunn raped her, and told her to continue driving.
The two got all the way to the Enterprise Business center off Winchester Road and Gunn made the woman pull into the parking lot, where according to the report he raped her again.

The victim says after that she was forced to drive again, but a short time later, Gunn got out, and she drove to the hospital to report the rape.

Demetrius Gunn is set to be arraigned in Fayette District Court on charges of kidnapping and first degree rape Wednesday.

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