Man tries to kidnap police officer's 13-month-old son

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's not every day when a police officer has to call police.

"Get me a deputy down here if you would," the officer is heard telling the Lincoln 911 dispatcher.

"He just came in my house and took my baby out," Rick Shearer tells the dispatcher.

The off-duty officer says his former brother-in-law house, took his 13-month-old sleeping from his crib..and took off down the street with him.

"Came in my house…took my baby out of my baby's bed, and was walking up the road with him," Shearer tells the dispatcher.

Shearer says Rogers had an excuse for his actions.

"When he heard me yelling he brought him back to the yard tried to tell me he found him walking in the yard and I know better. He can't get out of his baby bed," Shearer tells the dispatcher.

Warrants were issued for Rogers arrest on second degree burglary and kidnapping charges.

Shearer tells us he doesn't understand Roger's motive. No harm came to his son.

Rogers was arrested by a state trooper on the warrant Saturday.

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