Police say man used baseball bat, box cutter in attack

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police arrested Jose Gomez in front of his home on East Loudon, but not without some difficulty.

Police say they spotted Gomez not far from where they found one of his alleged victims. He tried to run from them...but was eventually caught.

We've learned from police Gomez used a baseball bat and box cutter to assault that woman, there's no word on the extent of her injuries.
Then, a bizarre development.

About two hours later, another victim of this alleged attack turned up several blocks away in front of a Meadow Park home, with a broken arm, and was taken to the hospital.

And police are on the lookout for a third victim, they think might turn up at the hospital at some point.
It's not clear at this point what led to the violent act, or how Gomez knows his alleged victims.

Neighbors say they did hear what could've been a get together or party at Gomez's apartment last night, and add that police have made appearances there before.

As for Gomez, he's charged with 2nd degree assault, fleeing and evading, and alcohol intoxication.

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