Police say woman left heroin in dressing room of Berea WalMart

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a woman left behind an item in the dressing room of a central Kentucky WalMart. That item has landed her behind bars.

Police say employees at the store saw Kelley Dillard, 30, leaving the dressing room. A short time later, an employee went into the room, and found a plastic container with twelve small balloons inside. Police say a substance inside the balloons tested positive for heroin.

"Hard to imagine that 12 balloons of heroin, that's a lot of heroin, and somebody would just accidentally leave that behind. I mean if a kid (could) come in and see a balloon and think that they're going to play with a balloon and walk out with a bag of heroin or something, it's just disgusting," said John O'Neal, a WalMart shopper.

Police say Dillard later returned to WalMart to claim her forgotten items, but the store had already called police, and officers arrested her. She's charged with trafficking in a controlled substance.

Police say there were children with her when she was arrested.

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